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Who is The Facilitation Center for?

New Facilitator - not your profession, but you have been placed in charge of some kind of human improvement, a 'team building', 'morale improvement', 'conflict resolution, <insert here> program and need ideas and some help putting it together the right way so you look like a champion.

Professional trainer or facilitator - you are already a great facilitator and need ideas that will work for certain situations and to keep things fresh. Having a resource and live person to walk through some options to pick the right experience is also very useful.

Small business owner, office manager or <insert here> - Facilitation is not your profession and never will be, but you need the help to build a better team and need the information, expertise and support at your fingertips!

A Few More Details

What is the Membership?

The ultimate support system in the world to you create incredible learning experiences to effect change, build a team, resolve conflict and just about any interpersonal group development.

Legendary Support

Buy all the books and power point slides you want. We provide you live professional facilitator support to help you be confident and comfortable before you get in front of a group.

Why the Facilitation Center?

We all face the same problem - how to find the right activity in the right situation for the right group to effect some kind of change. We will help you get it right, every time./

Experiential learning that works.  We Guarantee It.