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Culinary Team Building

Corporate team building activities vary widely, some good and some ridiculous. A ‘hot new trend’ in corporate team building has been using cooking as the activity. Does it work? The answer to that lies in how it is facilitated. There is an inherent value in the activity because you are working on one of Maslow’s[…]

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Ladder of Inference Activity

Key learnings for participants: It is important to be aware of assumptions, and recognize one is
making them, though sometimes it will be necessary to make
assumptions (due to urgency of decisions, lacking complete
Dynamic tension between speed of decisions and cost of gathering
complete information (it is not practical to have all facts before
making decisions; assumptions are[…]

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Activity to Collect, Rate and Assess Topics

Here is a recent request from a person on our website looking for the right tool to collect, rate and assess problems: “James, in a nutshell, we know some issues exist and we know some have not yet been identified.  Essentially, if everyone came prepared to discuss their perception of what issues exist, and we[…]

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Meaningful Team Building Activities

By James Carter In this article, James discusses team building and some activities that are outside the norm.  First there are a few examples of what we provide to create meaning in team building.  Secondly, there are a couple of DIY activities you can do to create meaningful team building.  Finally, James provides some thoughts[...]
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One Trip Digital Kit Download Page

One Trip Digital Kit 377.37 KB Please login to download Activities in the One Trip Digital Kit: Group Juggling If inter-departmental communication and processes are your office bugbear, then opt for ‘Group Juggling’ and you will soon witness all round improvements back at the work place.  ‘Group Juggling’ is an icebreaker and customer service activity[...]