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Team Activities

Communication, collaboration, accountability, trust, leadership, creativity vs innovation, decision making and many more team topics are covered by our activities.  All team activities are complete with instructions, photos, videos, tips and tricks, source materials and downloads to put on your computer or mobile device.

Live Support

Live , professional facilitators are here to help you select a team activity based upon your needs and tailor it to your group, if necessary.  We are ready at a moments notice via telephone, email or during our office hours.  Don’t worry about which activity is the right one.  Just call us at 800-513-8759 and we will help you!

Activity Training

Running a team building activity is one thing.  Creating a behavioral shift from it is something else.  We have trained thousands of people to facilitate these activities like professionals.  There are photos, videos and instructions for each activity you use and if you still need help, look left – we are here to help you as much as you need!

You want OUTCOMES, not activities

You don’t want to buy a pile of rope.  Or a single mousepad or pole.  Or any other materials that  you will purchase on this site.

You are purchasing an activity to get to a certain OUTCOME – better communication, learn leadership, get a team to come together (finally), want to collaborate and much more.

Our activities come with the materials along with photos, videos and descriptions to help you achieve the outcomes you want.  And if you still need help beyond that, there is a live person on the other end of the phone to walk you through the activity to ensure you are 100% confident running our activities to achieve what you want.

Perfect Square

Look to the right.  That activity is Perfect Square.

With Perfect Square you get 30 eyeshades and a 60′ length of rope.

You don’t want those materials!

What you want is the absolutely amazing outcome – the lack of leadership and communication that happens when people don’t plan, how the need to persevere will lead to being a team and a great discussion about goals vs. success.

The OUTCOME is what we sell, not the rope and eyeshades.  In fact, if you can get those materials just buy the downloadable instructions for $25.00.

There is no team building company in the world that will provide this kind of high-touch support for that little.  We do this because we don’t want to sell you a single activity.  We want to help you achieve your outcomes 5, 10, 25 times!

That’s right.  We know – and you know it too – that a single activity will not produce long-term results.  You must practice being a team.   You must ‘Work Out’!

Workout Principles for Teams

Over the decades of experience and over 650,000 participants, we have learned what to do to create the most effective learning possible.

The VERY best way to engage people is to use the Workout Principles below.  When you do, you get buy-in from your team automatically and, without directly addressing it, overcome negative and limiting mindsets about ‘team building’ and ‘this kind of stuff’.  This WORKS!

You MUST Work Out

Working out physically is a keystone habit.

Meaning, it positively changes MANY of your behaviors by taking one consistent action.  You eat better, healthier food, less junk food, buy different groceries, snack less and MUCH more…  Exercise is just one action you take that changes everything about you.

The exact same is true about working out as a team.

The act of ‘working out’ and working at becoming better as a team means everyone will see themselves at a team, listen more carefully, hold themselves accountable, communicate more clearly, be more vulnerable – everything you want to see in your team.

MUST Be Hard

Most training or team building is spoon-fed to groups and teams, taking great care to make it as entertaining as possible.

If you are not pushing yourself, you are not working out.  At the end of a great physical workout, you are exhausted yet fulfilled.

The same is true of our activities and Team Workouts.

The activities MUST be hard in order for you to grow as a team!

When you see someone disengage or get frustrated, you simply remind them – it is SUPPOSED to be hard! – and you can watch them take a deep breath and get back to it.  Because they believe (and are right) that working out will help them be better.

Regular Intervals

Most training or team building is spoon-fed to groups and teams, taking great care to make it as entertaining as possible.

If you are not pushing yourself, you are not working out.  At the end of a great physical workout, you are exhausted yet fulfilled.

The same is true of our activities and Team Workouts.

The activities MUST be hard in order for you to grow as a team!  If you are not frustrated at some point, laughing hysterically, wanting to quit or possibly angry, you are not working out.  These are GOOD SIGNS that you are working out and growing as a result.

Why Use Our Team Building Activities?

Use What Works

No need to hunt on the internet for a great activity for your group to create a great learning opportunity.  We have it all in one place.  Need help to make the most of it?  We have training and unlimited live facilitator phone support.

Easy to Use

The information is SUPER easy to use and includes content, book reviews and complete instructions for the activities you will use with your team.  Launch Plans are also available to catapult your team in important areas like trust, communication, collaboration and much more.

Teams LOVE It!

Ignite the fire in your team!  When you use our completely awesome activities and content, each time they get together it will be exciting and fun to practice being a team with real life applications to create an awesome team.

Thousands of Clients Can't Be Wrong!

A few of the hundreds of clients from every industry and all sizes who trust us.

Our Happiness Guarantee

Since 2003, we have sold tens of thousands of products to help create shifts through experiential learning.

What does it REALLY mean to be ‘happy’?

Well, that is not for us to answer.  It is for you!

If you are unhappy with our products, our service or our support, AT ANY TIME, just send the materials back.  Call us and we will send you a return label.

What if I used the activity and don’t like it?  Send it back for a FULL refund.

What if I purchased it, never used it and no longer need it?  Send it back for a FULL refund.

What if it was like, 5 years ago?  Send it back for a FULL refund.

We fully guarantee ALL of our products. If for some reason you are not happy with any item you purchase you may exchange or return it for a full refund. You don’t even need a receipt — we’ll have a record of your online purchase.Bottom line? You can count on everything we offer to meet your expectations — it’s 100% happiness guaranteed. Which means you can’t go wrong with a purchase from us!

Need Help?

You may need help selecting an activity – call us!

You may need help understanding how to best run the activity based upon your situation – call us!

We only sell products we use with our own clients which means we have run these activities with thousands to tens of thousands of participants over the last 20 years.  We KNOW what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t work.  Let us share our knowledge and make your activity a ‘legendary’ success.

We are here to help you as MUCH as you need to feel confident running the activity with your group.

Our Customer Service Department is staffed with facilitators – people who have actually used these activities!

We are available via phone Mon-Fri, 8am to 5pm (MST) at 800-513-8759.  If you are inquiring about the status of your order, please have your order confirmation number and/ or the address you used to place the order so we can better serve you.

About Be Legendary

Creators of dozens of unique activities for our clients, helping over 650,000 people have a direct Be Legendary Experience and selling & supporting tens of thousands of our products that have impacted millions of people, we can say with confidence (and a bit of humility) that we are one of the best in the world at creating experiences that transform people.

We work with the top 2% of organizations through our Legendary Performance Institute (check out Shakubuku if you want to see something REALLY crazy), with mid-level leaders using our Talent Optimization and Engagement services, creation of the DIY Team Center and Team Coaching to provide teams with workouts and coaching on a regular basis.

We believe in our logo, Stanley the Snail.  Each one of us has built a shell around ourselves to ‘protect’ our soft squishy interior.  We poke our head out, from time to time, to

We work with organizations because we spend SO much time there, much of it miserable, and our single greatest opportunity to help people become aware of their shell is through work.  If we can create amazing, trusting, resilient teams, people will begin to Live Outside their Shell and learn another way of living – one without your shell that will take you so much further and achieve so much more than you ever could by staying inside your shell, ‘protected’.

Our logo is an outside symbol of an inward goal – a constant reminder – to take chances, be vulnerable,  learn from mistakes and criticism yet keep going, leaving our shell behind.

Stanley is NOT perfection.  Stanley is legendary because of his imperfections, his slimy self who is unwilling to let his imperfections define who he will become and what he can achieve.

We are all Stanley, terrified of leaving our shell.  Afraid of what might happen and who might hurt us.  We must all choose to live a life like Stanley.  Accept and embrace the challenges and become strong without our shell.

Stanley is the outward symbol of an inward goal.  If you see someone with Stanley, make sure you support them and cheer them on!

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