What if…. the debrief gets out of hand?

What you will see: 

      • A gripe session
      • Arguing or fighting
      • Discussion moving off the topic
      • Side bar discussions

Likely Causes:

      • Poor questioning from the facilitator
      • Unresolved team issues

How to Prevent it:

      • Be careful of using activities when therapy is a more useful and honest solution.
      • Do not use activities when you are seeking to change the behavior of one or two individuals
      • Avoid questions that will put any single person on the spot.
      • Avoid questions (and activities) that pit one individual against another.

What to Do…

      • Step in and stop the discussion before more damage is done by asking “How does this discussion apply to what we learned from the activity?”
      • Don’t assign blame or find the cause of the problem.
      • Refocus the debrief with specific questions.  Have questions prepared before the activity.


Adapted from Quick Team-Building Activities for Busy Managers by Brian Miller.



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