Debrief Handout


Below is a Pie Chart that represents 100% of the entire activity and is broken into 12 separate slices.

Please list below the difficult areas that your group faced and shade the areas that correspond to the degree of difficulty.

If 6 key areas were identified, assign the slices according to the degree of challenge it poses for your group.  For instance, planning was a challenge for the group, but not a major one, perhaps it only deserves one slice of the pie.  But communication was a serious challenge and deserves 4 slices.  Write the name in the shaded area.


As a group, discuss the areas you identified as challenges:

  • To what extent do you agree with the group on the representation of the challenges?
  • How closely do you match with the group?
  • How do the challenges relate back to your experience at work and home?

Have you used a handout like this?  What other tools have you used during the debrief that have worked for you?  Share below.




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