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What is included?

Team Activities

Access to ALL of our activities – instructions, tips and tricks, videos – all the information we can give you with source materials and downloads to put on your computer or mobile device.  If you DO want to purchase the activity, you get a membership discount.

Live Support

Workouts are exactly how we use our activities in our own faciltation with clients to create shifts with individuals and groups.  We give you these workouts and fully support with live facilitators who are waiting for you to call!

Facilitator Training

Running a team building activity is one thing.  Creating a behavioral shift from it is something else.  We have trained thousands of people to facilitate these activities like professionals.  The best parts of our training are in small bite-sized chunks to help you create an incredible learning experience for your group.

Why the DIY Team Center?

Use What Works

No need to hunt on the internet for a great activity for your group to create a great learning opportunity.  We have it all in one place.  Need help to make the most of it?  We have training and unlimited live facilitator phone support.

Easy to Use

The information is SUPER easy to use and includes content, book reviews and complete instructions for the activities you will use with your team.  Launch Plans are also available to catapult your team in important areas like trust, communication, collaboration and much more.

Teams LOVE It!

Ignite the fire in your team!  When you use our completely awesome activities and content, each time they get together it will be exciting and fun to practice being a team with real life applications to create an awesome team.

Thousands of Clients Can't Be Wrong!

A few of the hundreds of clients from every industry and all sizes who trust us.

team activities for your group
team activities for your group
team activities for your group
team activities for your group
team activities for your group
team activities for your group

See the full client list.

What do you get as a member?

 Team Building Activities that Actually Work!

Enhance learning through experience

Downloadable instructions


QR Code to put it on your phone instantly

Debrief questions

Tips and tricks

Team Tools

Deepen learning

Downloadable handouts

Team content

Modules and session agendas

Setup and structures for groups

Facilitator Techniques

Become a better facilitator

Select and set up the activity

Debrief techniques to deepen the learning and application

Deal with difficult people

Ask the right questions

Live Professional Support

Confidence through expertise

when you need it,

as much as you need

through phone or email

for you to be confident

building your team


650,000 people impacted by our team building activities!

100% Happiness Guaranteed!

Free Lifetime Membership for:

*  non-profits,
*  students and educators,
*  foundations and
*  local government.

Apply at our Be Legendary website!

Who is The DIY Team Center for?

Team Leader

you are looking for some kind of human improvement, a ‘team building’, ‘morale improvement’, ‘conflict resolution, <insert here> program and need ideas and some help putting it together the right way so you look like a champion while building your team.

Trainer or facilitator

you are a facilitator and need ideas to bring your content alive for certain situations and to keep things fresh. Having a trusted resource and live support to walk through some options, pick the right experience and deepen the learning is critical.

Small business owner, office manager or <insert here>

you need help to build a better team, reduce conflict, improve communication, increase collaboration, deepen your leadership and need the information, expertise and support at your fingertips!

A Few More Details

What is the Membership?

The ultimate support system in the world to you create incredible learning experiences to effect change, build a team, resolve conflict and just about any interpersonal group development.

Legendary Support

Buy all the books and power point slides you want. We provide you live professional facilitator support to help you be confident and comfortable before you get in front of a group.

Why the DIY Team Center?

We all face the same problem – how to find the right activity in the right situation for the right group to effect some kind of change. We will help you get it right, every time./

Team building that works.  We Guarantee It.


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