Don’t ‘We’ on Yourself!

A fun way to keep the debrief light is to start getting people to notice how often we use the non-specific noun ‘We’, which we all do frequently when really we mean ‘I’.

It is one particular way to spread around the responsibility and not take accountability for our own actions, opinions, failures and successes.
Listen closely.

When a person says ‘We’, when it should be ‘I’, stop them politely and say:
Don’t ‘We’ on yourself’.  Who specifically?

The group will catch on quickly and join in the fun.  However, watch that it does not take away from the meaning of the debrief.  If it does, simply ask the group:

I am glad I introduced the ‘We’ principle to you.  At this point, is interrupting each time helping or hindering what we are trying to accomplish?

Keep a record of how many times you find yourself saying ‘We’ in conversation.
How many times do others say it?



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