Full Value Contract

This full value contract asks you to agree to these five commitments as guidelines for group participation.

Because I care about myself and my group, I agree to:

Work Together:
I with my group in order to achieve both my own goals and the goals of the group. I will support the group in achieving our goals.

Be Safe, Emotionally and Physically:
I will take care of myself and my group’s physical and emotional safety. This includes having a positive attitude, respecting each other, avoiding putdowns, and following directions.

Give & Receive Honest Feedback / To Listen:
I will tell others what I am thinking and feeling and to listen to what others have to say to me.

I will try new things and to step out of my comfort circle and take appropriate risks which I can learn from.

Have FUN! To play and have fun in a safe manner and with a positive attitude.


Participant’s Signature


Want to use different agreements for the FVC?  See some alternatives.

Check out the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, which we have used many times with groups.


What have you used for a Full Value Contract?



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