How to Pick a Team Building Activity

Running a new activity can be terrifying.  We know as we are trying new activities all the time and sometimes they don’t work the way I thought they would.

DO NOT FEAR!  We are here to help you pick and execute the perfect activity for your group that is guaranteed to be awesome.

Selecting an activity is both simple and challenging.  If in doubt, KEEP IT SIMPLE.  However, here are the steps we take to choose activities in our facilitation:

First, look at the logistical parameters you have to work with for the activity:

  • How many participants do you have?
  • What kind of space do you have?
    • Do you have enough space to move around?
    • Is it around a conference room table? Do you have other space available?
    • Is it indoor or outdoor?
  • How much time do you have for the activity and discussion?

Second, you need to think about how the activity will fit in your content. You may be in a training session, a sales meeting or running a class for elementary students. You need to understand how the activity will help the participants experience your content for greater understanding and discussion.

Example: During a recent election, we helped select some leadership activities for social studies classes around the country. The students learned about different kinds of leadership. Then they participated an activity in which they could experience different kinds of leadership and what kind of leader they are. In the end, the discussion went back to the different kinds of leader each candidate was and their approach to running the country. Awesome.

So, parameters were:
1. A classroom – not a lot of room to run around but desks could be moved to create and some on the floor.
2. 45 minutes for content, activity and debrief. So we wanted an activity that would take no more than 15 minutes to run.
3. Roughly 25 participants.
4. Participants needed to experience different kinds of leadership very quickly and see how it changes.

FYI – the activity was Tied in Knots and we created a Leadership Lesson as well.


Thirdly, call us! We are happy to speak with you about your needs and make recommendations then walk you through how to run each one. We love to help people select activities and make adjustments to them to fit within your structure.



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