Ideas to Follow Up on Workshops


Following up on your session is incredibly important to helping participants.  See Raising the Collective Bar about why.  Below are some ideas:

  1. Follow up with them with recent articles and personal notes to keep them motivated.
  2. Send them the new ground rules established in the workshop, if applicable.
  3. If your group is geographically close, post these ground rules everywhere, but just one rule on a sheet of paper so the one idea stands out.  Move them around from time to time.
  4. Run a short activity or exercise on a regular basis.  Remember, you are practicing being a ‘team’, or practicing creating a positive work environment.  This is valuable time.  See our website for additional products to help with this.
  5. During the workshop, have each person write one idea they will take away from the workshop.  Each week, email one idea that was collected.
  6. After 6 to 8 weeks have gone by, send out the results from the evaluation again so they will remember the positive effects from the workshop.
  7. Another great idea is to have each participant write on a blank sheet of paper the answer to the following questions:
    • What factors will serve to prevent you from implementing the desired changes (i.e. non-supportive supervision; time pressures; irrelevant material)?
    • What steps can you take to increase the likelihood of changing your behavior?  (e.g. develop a support group or buddy system; solicit your supervisor’s support; attend follow-up sessions)Take the papers and mail them to the individuals after 30 days with your question:
      “Have you taken the necessary steps to improve yourself?”


What ideas have you used to follow up on workshop that have been effective?



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