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Collaborative Scavenger Hunt


The Collaborative Hunt is a self-facilitated workshop by you while all the preliminary work is completed by Be Legendary. You give us the location, some information on your company and competitors and we create the perfect Collaborative Hunt.

We ship you all the materials you will need for teams of 5 to run in a 3 to 8 hour setting. Click here (opens a new window) to download a sample passport.

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Effective Facilitator Workshop


Learn to do what we do and how we do it!

Several times a year, Be Legendary’s Founder James Carter, stops work with his clients to teach others to do what he does – create magical learning experiences. Paradigm shifts and aha moments are not random, they are carefully engineered. This is a learnable process and you too can create transformational moments.

The cost for the 2.5-day Effective Facilitator Training is $1,395.00 and $995.00 for early bird registration. Early bird registration ends 45 days before each workshop.

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Fun Fluid Factory


The Fun Fluid Factory is designed to create a short-term, realistic simulation of building a business. The goal is to earn as much profit as possible and like all businesses, every aspect must be taken into account.

During the DIY Workshop, each team must build a physical factory that delivers colored fluid, present to the large group and demonstrate the factory works!

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Group Communication Workshop Kit

  • Four to six hour Communication workshop
  • Workshop can be broken up into two or more sessions
  • Run indoor or outdoor
  • Highly experiential and interactive
  • Focused on using skills we already have!
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