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China Syndrome


A glimpse into China Syndrome:

The group must prevent a ‘China Syndrome’ from occurring by pouring the contents of one bucket into another using only the materials provided and staying outside a large circle. Any person using the materials must be blindfolded. Given a short timeline, this event can challenge ANY group.

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Let Go my Ego
Let Go my Ego
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Let Go My Ego

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Overcoming frustration and resisting the temptation to blame each other will be key to moving the bar in the direction you choose. People can find themselves sacrificing their integrity and doing the opposite of their intention.

This activity is amazing for communication, leadership, teamwork, the PERFECT example of a team going through Tuckman’s model of a team – Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing. They go through each stage EVERY time.


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Let Go My Ego Digital File


Overcoming frustration and resisting the temptation to blame each other will be key to achieving success. People can find themselves sacrificing their integrity and doing the opposite of their intention. Amazing activity for communication, leadership, and personal accountability.

NOTE:  This is for purchase of the instructions ONLY.  If you wish to purchase materials, be sure to purchase them here.

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Search And Rescue


The art of cooperation is something we are taught as children. For some reason, many of us forget that lesson when we enter the front door of work. This exercise is designed to let participants experience how fun cooperation and teamwork can be.

Using a cute wooden plane, teams must land and rescue people within a short time frame.  How many can people can you save?

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Team Shackles


The purpose of this exercise is to challenge a team’s belief that something is impossible.

It is also a great way to explore people’s willingness to ask for help or give help if it will benefit the whole team. In many cases, groups will NEVER ask for help because the ‘rules’ did not say you could. Nor will someone who has figured it out offer to help. It was not in the ‘rules’.

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Bull Ring


This is a fun activity that your group will not forget and relates easily back to work.

Moving a ball from one spot to another using a ring and some rope is the object of Bull Ring. Although initially appearing quite easy, we have provided instructions and materials to help increase the difficulty on a whim.

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