Responsibilities, Challenges and Abuses of Facilitators

The facilitation techniques included in this membership site will help you in all three critical areas below:

The Single Greatest Responsibility of a Great Facilitator:

Creating a safe and comfortable space for self and group discovery.  Learn how to set up an environment and deal with difficult people to fulfill your greatest responsibility.

The Single Most Abused Role of a Facilitator:

Using the opportunity to ask questions that get participants to answer the way you want.  In other words, manipulating the conversation in the debrief so self-discovery cannot happen.  Learn how to ask GREAT questions that create dialogue.
Or even worse, to use the opportunity to show everyone how smart YOU are.  This process is not about you or what you know!  Be a Guide on the Side and not a Sage on the Stage.

The Greatest Challenge of a Facilitator:

Ignoring any training and/or past experience you may have had in curriculum instruction or education as a ‘teacher’ or ‘trainer’.  Seriously.  Being a facilitator is not about you, but about the participants and their learning.



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