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    This super fun activity has groups walking, climbing and using the boards for all kinds of fun!

    We like this activity because it is an easy physical activity that absolutely requires the group to work as one. There is no way to cheat, or even be super clever – you know those groups, right? We have plenty of them and this activity keeps them honest!

    You can have 4 teams, up to people on each team, race against one another or you can link the boards together so all 12 must work together.

    Materials included in kit:

    • 8 boards with rope (4 pairs)
    • 6 Quicklinks
    • Start / Stop line
    • 10 mouse pads
    • Eyeshades

    This activity includes:

    • BoardWalking – teams must work together to accomplish a simple ‘walking’ task.  Run this as competing teams, or as one LONG line of people who must communicate and work together.  FUN!  Video below.
    • Ladders – using the boards as the ‘steps’, group members must move from Point A to Point B.  Simple right?  Not so much.  Participants cannot touch the group while on the ladder and the ladder cannot touch the ground!  Not so simple now…
    • River Crossing – Cross the river using the wooden ‘planks’ and rocks in the middle of the river.  This is very challenging and the group will have to make changes in the middle of the river when communication is difficult.
    • Trolley Journey – a complete journey using the ‘trolleys’ and envelopes to help create fun and challenge into the traditional BoardWalking.



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