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    Walk the Plank includes some of the best activities that can be found on a low ropes course but are now portable!

    One of the greatest trust activities of all time (that is NOT goofy), leadership, communication, problem solving and much more are covered in this amazing kit.

    Best used in a gym or some other hard, smooth surface but has been used MANY times outside with great results.

    The materials are all professionally manufactured with a great looking finish.

    Warning – this activity is 7′ long and 100lbs.

    This activity includes:

    • All Aboard – everyone must stand on smaller and smaller platforms
    • Boardroom – team must switch positions on the boards with only a small platform in the middle
    • Jelly Roll – race against other teams using PVC pipe and sitting on the board.  Hysterical and fun!
    • Mohawk Walk – as a team, you must walk across the Walk.  It seems simple.  It isn’t.
    • TP Shuffle (Chain of Command) – team must switch positions on the single board without falling off or touching the ground.
    • Traffic Jam – using specific moves, the entire team must move from one end of the board to the other, without falling off.  Similar to TP Shuffle, but involves more critical thinking.
    • Trust Walk – Using blindfolds included, create a course with obstacles for one person to coach another through.
    • Wild and Woosey – THIS is the great trust activity, video below, that looks easy in the video but is VERY challenging without 100% trust:




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    Weight 70 lbs
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