The Simplest Debriefing / Questioning Method

For a SUPER simple method, and perfect for beginners, check out the ‘What’ Method.  The questioning strategy could not be more simple:

  • What?
  • So What?
  • Now What?

Get full description and discussion around the experience.

  • “What happened during the activity? “
  • “What did you / the group do?”
  • “What were your reactions?”

So What?
Add meaning and create dialogue.

  • So what does that mean to you?”
  • “So what does the way the group responded mean for our work environment?”

Now What?
Create application for what was learned.

  • Now what?”  Seriously, you can ask that simple question!
  • Now that we can see some patterns in (insert here – communication, trust, leadership, etc), what are you going to do differently moving forward?

If you are worried at all, just keep it that simple and focus on creating dialogue.





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