Start-Up Techniques

Start-Up Techniques are facilitative behaviors that create, continue or re-start a safe environment for learning.

In the beginning:

Get agreement on the collective focus of the group/team.

By saying,

What would this group like to create today?


Inform the group that they are responsible for how well the workshop goes.

By saying,

Ask yourself and give yourself an honest assessment, ‘How am I showing up right now? Is my current attitude going to help or hinder the group?  Will it help myself?’”

Consider using a story like the Two Wolves to help participants emotionally connect with being present.


Create guidelines or agreements for group participation.

By saying,

“What agreements would we like to create to ensure today is as meaningful as possible and create the results you mentioned (above)?”

Consider using the Four Agreements, if you don’t want to open up this to the group or want to save time.


During the activity or debrief to continue or restart:

At the end of each debrief, check in with the group for an honest assessment.

By saying,

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your progress? What will get to you to 10?




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